December 1, 2009

Ira Lee – My Favorite Songs By Me

Ira Lee - My Favorite Songs By Me

Ira Lee’s new album My Favorite Songs By Me is out today. Featuring production from Scott Da Ros, Mattr, Funken, Ryan Stinson, Factor, petit BIG, Critical Mass, and Ira Lee himself; as well as vocal contributions from Ira’s rap partner Khyro and wife Linakim. Get it at or

01. All the Places We Did It
02. Your Little Sister’s Bike [download]
03. Ballad of a Liar (ft. Dj Heywood jablome??)
04. Other People’s Bathrooms
05. Montreal (ft. Khyro)
06. Mike Brown
07. Die (Remix)
08. The Pigman [download]
09. She’s Only Twelve Years Old (ft. petit BIG)
10. Donna Jones (Remix)
11. Ruthie
12. Keep on Trying
13. A Man is Nothing
14. Henry
15. I Love My Mom
16. My Man Matt