February 21, 2012

Isaiah Toothtaker – “Hyperbolic Chamber Music”

Video for Isaiah Toothtaker’s verse from Mishka’s 26 emcee mega posse-cut “Hyperbolic Chamber Music”. Produced by Ryan Hemsworth.

Featuring (in order of appearance):
MondreM.A.N., Squadda B, TRPLBLK, Chavis Chandler, Kool A.D., Big Baby Gandhi, Key Nyata, Isaiah Toothtaker, Joeybagadoughnutz, Dizzy D, Supa, Snaxx, Left Leberra, Don D, Rod Fuego, 9Gs, Zachg, Lakutis, Fat Tony, Lofty305, Lowercase, Himself the Majestic, Shady Blaze, Keyboard Kid, Antwon, Western Tink & Chippy Nonstop.