November 3, 2008

Ismaila & DJ Kutdown – Magnum K.I: Gun Shy

Ismaila & DJ Kutdown - Magnum KI: Gun Shy

Together known as Magnum K.I, Winnipeg vets Ismaila and Kutdown have been working together since the Frek Sho days, writing and recording a seemingly never ending mountain of songs for their forthcoming album. Gun Shy is a great ep released to help raise money for an ailing homie L-Rock, who contributes with a mix of unreleased tracks by the aforementioned rap duo. Check out their myspace to preview a couple tracks from the ep.

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01. Tired
02. Gun Shy
03. Sleep
04. Speaker
05. Radio Killed
06. Mint Condition
07. Tommorrow my Friend

Bonus Ep Mixed By L-Rock and Dj Kutdown
08. To Whom
09. Massacre
10. Mirror Image
11. Where I come from
12. Day in, Day out
13. Magnum K.I.
14. Curbside Professor
15. Bad Apple
16. Madman

11 Responses

  1. just put my order in for it. should recieve it in a week. good to hear two vets still doin shizznit. the gun shy track is dope

  2. always had the mark of the zebra on constant rotation but i couldnt agree more with ira. word, ill be hllerin at soso for a copy of this asap..