Dec 27, 2011

Jaide – “Officially Gone Nuts” ft. Sonik



  1. orca

    get off that icp shit, noyz

  2. bloodcellbandit

    this song is terrible

  3. Wow! First I watched the Necro video and thought that was bad, but this was actually the worst track I’ve heard in ages. Embarrasing

  4. uno

    Not so bad, she is hot and sounds mostly like Eekwol which is nice.

    If she got some better subject matter I think it would be decent.

  5. Hard Nipples

    Did she say “genuinity?” She IS fuckin crazy.

  6. I wish all the rappers would just be real people.

  7. wzrd

    i cant get anyone to download my free albums but this gets played on UGS….shit….

  8. I have mad respect for Jaide and Sonik.
    This is her very first video and I think she did a great job.
    1 luv

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