Sep 7, 2011

James P. Honey & Joel Siméus – Book Of Marion

James P. Honey & Joel Siméus – Book Of Marion

Book of Marion’ is a two song, 30+ minute epic by James P Honey and long-time collaborator and production legend Joel Simeus. It is a tireless rant over waves of electronic sound scapes and clattering. Lyrically it has to be the finest thing that James P Honey has yet released and the production is clearly some of Joel Simeus’ best to date as well. It truly is a startlingly great record. An absolute must have for all alternative rap, curiosity grindcore, rant poetry and electronic fans.

Each vinyl comes with a twenty six page book written by james P Honey and illustrated by Timopthy Betjeman. Every cover is handmade and hand titled. This is a highly-limited edition 12-inch vinyl, in a shockingly attractive hue of deepest blue marbled with concrete grey.

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