January 21, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix Raps!

Oooh we love you Joaquin! Pretty positive this is a hoax that will end up being a funny documentary about Joaquin Phoenix quitting acting to become a rapper. Apparently Puff Daddy is going to produce the album.

From Rolling Stone:

Last week Rolling Stone reported that Joaquin Phoenix was making his move from actor to rapper official with a performance at a Las Vegas club. Well, as we can all see in the video above, the performance was nothing short of a train wreck as Phoenix struggled to even string together sentences in his official debut. To cap an already disastrous affair, Phoenix proceeded to fall off the stage as soon as his one-song set wrapped. The whole ordeal is being filmed for an upcoming and inevitably hilarious documentary. Stranger still, Diddy will reportedly produce Phoenix’s rap debut.

We’re assuming that this has to be a big joke. Actor Casey Affleck, who is directing the doc, is also the onetime movie star’s brother-in-law. We don’t want to start analyzing the whole family situation, but if a relative of ours was quitting an acclaimed acting career to appear shitfaced and disheveled while garbling and rhyming in public, we’d probably intervene rather than enable, but that’s just us. As for Phoenix’s fall from the stage, which also doubles as a fall from grace, check the video below.

The fall comes around the 32-second mark, right as the MC orders everyone to “say ho!”


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