June 19, 2007

Joe Dub & Factor – Live in 75

Joe Dub & Factor - Live in 75Joe Dub’s new album on Side Road Records drops in July. Produced by Factor and featuring Awol One, Ellay Khule, Kirby Dominant, Matre, Mestizo, Nolto, Cam the Wizzard, Kay the Aquanaut, Topic, DJ Marz, and Weez-L. Look for Joe on tour this summer, including performing at this years Summer Fling hip hop + art festival in Saskatoon.

01. hired hands
02. mic theatre
03. ask marz (w/ dj marz)
04. day dream (w/ kay the aquanaut & topic)
05. closed mouths don’t get fed (w/ ellay khule & awol one)
06. glen park revisited
07. duke ellington (w/ mestizo)
08. autobiographical (soul w/ cam the wizzard & kay the aquanaut)
09. baghdad by the bay
10. canadian summer (w/ kirby dominant, matre & weez-l
11. worst way
12. live in ’75
13. voice mail w/ nolto