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November 25, 2008

John Forte Pardoned By George W. Bush

John Forte Pardoned by George W. BushAfter serving 7 of his 14 year sentence for smuggling 31 pounds of liquid cocaine ($1.4 million worth) in a couple of briefcases, first time offender John Forte was among fourteen people pardoned by George W. Bush yesterday.


12 Responses

  1. lol. thats fucking hilarious.

    i always liked forte as an mc. but his last album was all bullshit singing. will be interesting to see if he gets back in the rap game.

  2. Talk about Poli Sci, eh? Hey? I’d say that’s a little Poli Sci right there? Hey? Y’know? yea

  3. lot’s of people are doing time for absolute bullshit, circumstancial evidence etc.

    why the fuck would you pardon somebody who went to a rich public school, had a very sucessful music career, and still found it necessary to do a million dollar drug deal? the fact that they actually found the shit on him makes it obvious he’s guilty too, fucking weird

  4. yeah, no shit hey. i was reading on another site that forte was trying to appeal since he got locked up. unless he didn’t know what was in the bags (yeah right) that the only think i can think of why he would dispute this ruling.

  5. there’s more to this story…

    “But it turns out John met Carly Simon’s son Ben through prep school pals — and we’re told she’s been lobbying several politicians “religiously” on Forte’s behalf, including Senators Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch.”


  6. Presidential pardons always seemed kinda funny to me. The ultimate expression of elitism in american society…

  7. Yeah, presidential pardon’s seem a little weird. Like, if a president did something illegal, was found guilty and jailed, and then the vice president who replaces him could just pardon him, couldn’t he?

    Still, John Forte was a nice dude both times I met him. The first time was when I interviewed him as a solo artist and the next time was when I was interviewing Lauryn Hill in New York City and he dropped by. He remembered me in the second instance, which was a good sign. He called his mother to talk to all of us present for the interview. Word.