Feb 21, 2009

Josh Martinez – “Going Back to Hali” feat. Classified & Skratch Bastid


Shot in beautiful scenic Halifax, Nova Scotia, this homecoming video is directed by NE’s Cazhmere. The shoot brings Josh Martinez back from his West Coast Portland home, to visit family and shoot this special video in his hometown of Halifax, with fellow local legends, Classified and Skratch Bastid.


  1. ive been waiting years for someone to do this song… happy it was j mart.

    love the video

    i give the oscar to gordski!!! hes killin it

  2. Avatar metawon

    dope track/vid for sure. I need to visit halifax some day.

  3. Avatar one goozeman

    Josh martinez and scratch bastid are awesome. So is classified’s fake accent.

  4. Avatar SlopEye

    You know what else is great? That name…One Goozemon.

    I know where I was when Joe Carter caught that final out or when he spanked that homer against the Phillies…class sick.

  5. Avatar Timbulb

    Excellent stuff.

    Great dance moves!

  6. super dope… not feeling classified as much either.. accent or none

  7. sick as fuck. bastid kills this shit

  8. This is awesome! Finally got to check this. It did not stream so well on my jacked wireless in my hotel in Anchorage. Couldn’t wait to get back to check it and it didn’t disappoint. Not sure how the snowboarding fits in though.

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