Oct 9, 2008

Josh Martinez – “Responsibility” feat. Evil [video]



  1. Dope track and vid!

  2. Stueeeeey Oooooueeeyyy

  3. yournan

    good song, dope video!
    i think the song would be better if he had another verse in it though

  4. dope video! STuey kills it!

  5. factor

    eves and twains!!!

  6. fuck yeah

    this is one of my favorite songs form the album and stuey did a bang up job as usual on the video tip

    word to camobear

  7. where can i buy this album?

    website has no link to it?

  8. Jesus is Real

    I really like this beat/song/video. Great all around. Good job

  9. Dvice

    good job, josh, evil and stu-brick
    me rikey!

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