Mar 22, 2009

K-the-I??? + ira lee Canadian Tour



  1. Lukas

    Just seen K in Europe, it was a nice show

  2. the-girl-next-door

    can’t wait for the show, I love great hip hop. Especially when it’s from some deep and proliphic thinkers. I don’t know where I’ll see the show though, as I am relocating. Looking for dates

  3. fuck yeah!

    im stoked as fuck to see this show!…

  4. Sweet, two of my favourite! Can’t wait for the Saskatoon show!

  5. Yeah best tour of the year, just after
    “Our accents sure are pretty” of course.
    Two great mc’s

  6. Hey homies. If you want a show in Guelph, ON, home of Plague Language MASSIVE, I will throw a show and can garauntee y’all a fuckin awesome party and an amount of money that you’ll be very happy with. Link me through myspace.

    We just had a fucking awesome party for Sole last friday. Guelph heads know what’s good because Guelph’s twins with Tibet.


  7. Shep

    Hey hey … Moose Jaw ??? wow … do you have a date on that … or location?? Very impressed.

  8. Fatmike

    Let me know if you need a hand with the Ontario shows.

  9. The Swine Flu Western Canadian Tour 2009

    a.k.a. The Ebony and Ivory Chocolate waterfall Tour 2009

    a.k.a. the a.k.a. 2009 Tour

    Featuring Dj Heywoodjablome?? And Something Fresh

    Westcoast Dates

    May 20 – Regina, SK @ University of Regina Flatland Scratch Seminars / IMP Labs
    May 21 – Regina, SK @ 306 In – Store
    May 21 – Regina, SK @ Tumbler’s w. Da Skelpa Squad
    May 22 – Regina, SK @’Hanlon’s
    May 23 – Saskatoon, SK @ Walker’s w. Nolto and Dj Chaps, Forgetful Jones, and Something Fresh
    May 27 – Lloydminister, SK @ Amigo’s
    May 29 – Edmonton, AB @ Crown Pub w. Dj Weezil, Corvid Lorax, and Epic
    May 30 – Calgary, AB @ Local Lou’s w. Lexington and Watevski
    June 5 – Winnipeg, MB @ TBA w. Dj Kutdown

    The Rosie Rock Bottom Eastern Canadian Tour 2009

    With the Plague Language Crew, Noah23, Baracuda, Livestock, The Main, DJ Madadam, and Lord Kufu with special guest Koko Bonaparte)

    June 10th – Hamilton w Lee Reed of Warsawpack
    June 11th – Ottawa
    June 12th – Guelph w th’ mole
    June 13th – Toronto w. Wordburglar
    June 16th – London

    Yo Fat mike, get at myself or Kiki homeslice, that would rule!

    [email protected] (ira lee)


    [email protected]

  10. 1stchoice

    Did i see brooks on there, where are u guys playing in btown

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