September 9, 2007

Kay the Aquanaut – Spinning Blue Planet

Kay the Aqaunaut - Spinning Blue Planet

The new album “Spinning Blue Planet” from Saskatoon’s Kay the Aquanaut, produced by Factor, drops October 3rd on Side Road Records.


1. Floating
2. Spinning Blue Planet
3. Nothing lasts forever
4. ’89 Grey Cup
5. Fishbowl
6. Shoes (feat. Benny E. and Joe Dub)
7. Sole to the Street (feat. Cam the Wizzard)
8. Battery Operated
9. My Time
10. Amibition (feat. Nolto)
11. Gone Fishin
12. A story about a butterfly
13. 10,000 degrees
14. To the Last Drop (feat. Def 3 and Subtitle)
15. Sun City (feat. Forgetful Jones, M.phasis and Epic)

9 Responses

  1. thanks all! I’m very excited for everyone to check this out. I will be posting a few tracks on my myspace page this weekend so come peep it. There will be more information about myself and the album in the upcoming days on ugsmag so stay tuned.. Noyz for President!