March 11, 2011

Kay the Aquanaut – Waterloo [Pre-Order]

Kay the Aquanaut - Waterloo

Kay’s new album drops March 29, but pre-order deals (CD + shirt + digital) are available right now at Circle Into Square. Waterloo features production from Zoen and Factor, plus guest spots from Nolto, Sole, Ceschi, Gescha, Cam the Wizzard and Def 3.

1. Vote Hungry
2. I Keep Studying
3. Glory (featuring Nolto)
4. A Different World
5. Kill You (featuring Sole)
6. Nemo (featuring Ceschi)
7. Glass Slipper
8. Unsatisfactory (featuring Gescha)
9. John Wayne
10. Walk the Earth (featuring Cam the Wizzard)
11. Window Seat (featuring Def3)
12. Textbooks
13. Ballad Of The C.E.O

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