November 5, 2010

Kid Cudi – “Maniac” ft. Cage and St. Vincent (live on Jimmy Fallon)

Video from Nov 3, 2010 episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Track from Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager.


6 Responses

  1. I cant believe Cage from Weathermen is this now… Fucken emo to the max..Hollywood transforms people without a doubt

  2. Cage used to be soooo filthy back in the day….

    Im doing a track with Copywrite tho..

    Miss old Cage still.

    1. Copywrite is a broke underground rapper. Anybody with 50 bucks and a sack of weed can get a 16 from him.

  3. People always talk shit when an artist tries to evolve or try something new. The song Cage did with Kid Cudi is some very different shit, but fuck, let the guy branch out and try new stuff. How the fuck would he look if ten years later he’s still rappin about the same shit he started out with? His style is still sick as fuck, he’s just on some different shit right now.

  4. haha,, i love how everyones labeled this song “some very different shit” or progressive………… its neither. its just influenced by more underground artists.
    true cage has changed his styles,, an not all his fans are gunna appreciate that,,, “some fans will hate me”…..but hells winter was a heavy hitter, and the good songs off his latest ep and full length were dirty as fuck. the production scale has been amped up ten fold, hes workin hard on wordplay still so its all there.
    gotta face the fact that once you hit a certain spot rappin bout drugs an shit isnt gunna get you further,, i think he realized that just like eminem did……convenient?
    he took a hard look at his career, and realized that theres a better reute to makin money. if you cant respect him for his lyricism anymore, respect him for his biz savvvy,,,,he gets that legal money, hangs out with bangin bitches, and got to sit on transformers. if i could do that just by writin some sad songs,,, no way would i give a fuck what some old fans bitch bout on the internet. nufffffffff said