April 28, 2008

Kidz In The Hall – “Driving Down The Block”

First video off of Kidz In The Hall’s The In Crowd, in stores May 13th on Major League/Duck Down Records. Directed by Ethan Lader.

10 Responses

  1. dang, looks like its been taken down already. ive never even heard these dudes.

  2. hahah I like the video the music sounds like a clipse rip off but it’s pretty good still. I agree with chadio though the song would be better if it was only 2:30 long.

  3. huh, wierd. wont work for me on this screen but does when i open the yt link.

    cool video. imo track is decidedly meh…

  4. u like the 808, but not the non generic down south bullshit mc’s that usually accompany that type of shit………cool