May 28, 2009

Kno – “Caucasian” (A Tribute To White NBA Players)


Funny stuff by Kno of CunninLynguists.


  1. Avatar Balzac


  2. Avatar heywoodjablome

    autotune ruined a great joke track

  3. naw i don’t listen to kanye west, i like rap.

  4. Avatar doctor who?


    “What about Dirk? He MVPin, he ain’t caucasian, he’s European”

  5. hahah holy shit that was funny – Sean Bradley and Bryant Reeves all the way.

  6. Avatar god

    Racism isn’t funny

  7. hahaha, this song would make keith van horn roll over in his grave…

  8. Avatar Timbulb

    The pic of the female players near the beginning was the best

  9. Hilarious that you included the mulatto as white players I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate that.

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