June 22, 2008

Korg nanoSERIES: Portable Production

Korg Nanoseries: Portable Production

Korg nanoSERIES

Korg’s new nanoSERIES are slim USB controllers that are designed so you’ll be able to take a studio with you anywhere. nanoKEY is a 25-note keyboard, nanoPAD has Akai-style sampler/drum pads, and nanoKONTROL is a portable mixing board with 18 switches and 9 knobs + faders. A release date is not available yet, but initial reports are that each device will priced between $100-120.

More info available here.

Update: The nanoSERIES is expected to be available by October 2008.

5 Responses

  1. Damn, I’m almost tempted to get these over a regular sized midi controller. You could have the drum pads then the keys right in front of the laptop… so perfect for travel, vacations or backpack portability… wonder how they feel.