October 6, 2003

DJ Kutdown


The first time I met Kutdown he showed up at my door at about 10:30 pm in the summer of 2000 with Epic and a buddy of his. He needed a place to stay and I let him and his friend crash there. I left for work the next morning at 5:30 am without even considering that I really didn’t know the guy. I returned and everything was good, actually it was probably cleaner then when I left. Kutdown has returned the favour since and is probably one of the nicest, funny guys that you will ever meet. I hope this sheds some light into the man they call Kutdown.

Chaps: Introduce yourself, crew affiliations etc:

I go by Kutdown from Frek Sho/Dead Can’t Bounce.

What were your earliest memories of hip hop and how did a kid from Thunder Bay get to were you are today?

My last memory is I think I was in grade 9 maybe 10, It was early in The morn 7ish, it was crazy cold in the middle of winter. I was at a bus stop on my way to school listening to The Genius – Liquid Swords. I just remember I was totally taken by it. Nothing mattered, the cold, the fact I was tired, nothing, that music had the ability to take me completely away from whatever was around me.

What do your production, recording and skratching credits include?

“The Library” – Milch and Allagra Ep
“Enida Watts” – Satchel Paige Lp
Shazzam LP – 8 songs (out soon.)
dead can’t bounce – 2 songs
Frek Sho – Papercuts CD/12″
Ismaila Lp – 12 songs so far (out soon)
Frek Sho Presents Stepwriter – The Dollar Bin Vol. 1

“Enida Watts” – Satchel Paige Lp
Shazzam LP – 6 songs (out soon.)
Epic – Heater in My truck – 2 songs
Yy Ep – 1 song
dead can’t bounce – 2 songs
Ismaila LP – 12 songs (out soon)
The Gumshoe Strut new LP – 5 songs (out in the future)
Frek Sho Presents Stepwriter – The Dollar Bin Vol. 1

I think that’s it for now.

What sparked you interest in producing?

I love skratching, that’s my first love. Then it came to the point where I wanted to kut over my own beats.

What do you use to make your Beats?

MPC 2000xl drum machine with 8 outs
EPS-16+ sampling keyboard
Mackie CR1604 16 channel mixing board.
2 vestax PDX2000 turntables
1 Rane TTM-56 mixer
JBL monitor speaker
Computer for final mix, adding kuts and vocals and records

Explain what Stepwriter is? Is it an alter ego or a production name or something entirely different?

Umm stepwriter is just a production name, I use here and there.

How did you come up with the names Kutdown and Stepwriter?

I came up with that name when I was a battle Dj, I just thought it sounded good, and would stick. As for Stepwriter, I think I matured a lot since being a battle dj, and I needed something that more or less described me a bit better. “Stepwriter” is a word play from the word “Stepwriting”. Stepwriting is just a term used in music production. One-day soso and I were relaxing in my apt. Soso yelled out “that’d be a dope name for a producer”. Weeks later I decided to use it for my LP.

How would you explain Frek Sho Presents: StepWriter – The Dollar Bin Vol.1 to someone that was unsure if they should purchase it?

This LP is a project put together of beats for people to use as a tool. Whether it be a dj a Mc, B boy or radio personal. When I was putting the final track list together I was thinking about skratch djs mostly, thinkin what would I like to skratch to. I made sure the project had a variety of different tempos for different people. 6 or so these beats were made more then 3 years ago, the rest pretty are recent. As for guest I did all the production myself. I have Dj Influence on one of the tracks Killing it on the kut. This is definitely just a the 1st of a series, this project was completed over a year ago. I am 70% done Vol.2.

Your Bio says that you are the main man behind the boards of the legendary Frek Sho crew. How did this relationship materialize?

Spoof expressed interested in my sound, given the freksho history and status it made sense for us both to combine our visions, and make some explosive music.

What are you currently working on?

Just finished a Shazzam LP, Dead Cant Bounce LP, Now I’m just finishing up Ismaila’s LP. Then whenever I get a chance I work on my new upcoming LP.

What is your favourite hip hop recording of all time and why?

Anything from 93-96, cause its renaissance Chaps.

How would you describe the Winnipeg Hip hop scene and why did you choose to locate there?

Winnipeg has everything man , Culture, Diversity, CRAZY talent, and originality. I really think it’s ahead of its time musically. I mean all my favorite music is my friends.


What advice do you wish you had when you were getting started that you would give to someone starting out today?

Starting is life long process. Being persistent is all I have going for me.

How would you describe your production style? What is the approach you take to making a beat?

I always start with Drums, I love drums, it’s all about the drums. Loops are a dime a dozen. Everyone is a producer, everyone has dope samples (loops). Drums. Drums. Drums.

What is the hardest obstacle blocking you from getting to were you want to be?

Were do you want to be? MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY, I have none. I want to be able to make music and have money.

What would you change about hip hop if you could?

I just wish I had more time to express myself to her.

Do you work outside of music or do you live off of your craft?

hahahahahahah fuck you Chaps! I work like a slave, and hate every second I put effort into something other than what I love.

Is it viable for Canadian independent artists to live off music?

Very possible for a MC. As for a producer, I got mad debts due to equipment, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

How do you think things have changed from when you got started to people getting started now?

Way easier, the Internet can help you out so much as a marketing tool. www.stepwriter.com

Do you think that the hip hop market is over saturated or is there room for everyone to make music?


Who would you like to work with in the future?

soso, dead can’t bounce, Grubbs, and all my friends.

What does the future hold for Kutdown/Stepwriter?

I think in the near future I’m really gonna find out what all this hip hop shit is really about.

Do you have any stories that you would like to share with the people that would provide some insight into what makes Kutdown tick? Or just a crazy story?

Hermits don’t have stories. But I’ll put money on it you could tell us a really good story.