Sep 1, 2009

La Coka Nostra – “Cousin of Death” video



  1. I love this song from the album… this video is pretty monotonous tho. I think I got the point in the first 20 seconds, but they expanded it to 4 and a half minutes.

    still a great song… My second favourite after “The Stain”

  2. i do agree its a great song

  3. Brujeria feat Sick Jacken was by far my favorite song on the album. I love this song too though.

    anyone else think Slaine basically stole the show on this album?

  4. deejay emoh betta

    ha. slaine. he just left the house when i saw this….he’s the homie. good album.

  5. chris plus

    slaine is a really good rapper

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