Cooler Than Cucumbers

Interview with Tiago, founder of the Paris based start-up label Cooler Than Cucumbers.

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Six Ton Armor

Six Ton Armor brings you the psychcast, a dose of psych records mixed by various producers (like No, Morti Viventear, and Tenshun) in a free online stream/download.

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I Had An Accident Records

Cassette tape focused label from Maryland, which features experimental artists including Tenshun, Tim Kinsella, Walter Gross and more.

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Sole’s Black Canyon Music

Sole recently announced he was leaving anticon and starting Black Canyon Music. We spoke with him about the new label's creation and future.

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Marathon of Dope

We talk with Zucchini Drive's Tom De Geeter about his group's new album and their Belgium-to-Canada connected record label.

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Circle Into Square

Q&A with Tom Filepp (aka Cars & Trains), the man behind cutting edge record label, Circle Into Square...

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Mism Records

This little label sort of just sprung up under our noses releasing two tasteful little 7"s with plans of more in the future. Mism... they're two guys from Switzerland...

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Fake Four Inc.

Interview with Ceschi Ramos about starting the Fake Four Inc. record label and what projects they're working on...

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Interview with Shin Ohsaki, the main man behind Tokyo, Japan’s Hue Records.

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Ooohh! That’s Heavy!

Ooohh! That’s Heavy!Record label spotlight on Ooohh! That’s Heavy! Records. A short Q&A with Shawn Marbery, the man behind this picture disc vinyl-only up and coming label.

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