July 4, 2012

Laika (Factor + Kay the Aquanaut) – Pangaean Drift

Laika (Factor + Kay the Aquanaut) - Pangaean Drift

New free EP from Factor and Kay the Aquanaut, featuring Awol One. Download it from circleintosquare.com.

Long time collaborators Factor and Kay the Aquanaut have joined forces once again. Amidst their busy solo schedules, they have found the time to re-connect as a futuristic HipHop/Electro unit with a potentially universal sound. Laika, a Soviet era Space dog, proudly brimming with Communist grown dog feed, was the first living race-to-space sacrifice of the Cold War. Inspired by humanity’s relentless desire to reach past the Earth’s atmosphere, Laika, in the strangest of ways, beautifully describes this duo, and the direction of their collective new sound. With Factor’s ever-growing, ever-progressing, and undeniably amazing catalogue of production, and Kay’s constant desire to dream about space, it is not a surprise that this Ep showcases some of their most experimental and outer-worldly creations to date. If the world is going to end in 2012 and you’re programming your exit play-list, then you definitely want to be bumping this Ep as your soundtrack on that one-way trip to salvation in Space. Download the entire Ep now, for free, and be on the lookout for more Laika and Circle Into Square in 2013.

Pangaean Drift is the lead up to Laika’s full-length album ‘Letters From Laika’ that will be released on Circle Into Square in February of 2013.