December 2, 2009

Lexington + Whatevski – “Back Seat Driver” video

New Lexington + Whatevski music video. Directed by Peter Kominek from Apartment32 Productions.

17 Responses

  1. Pretty dope video. Yall should submit it to MADD or something like that. You might get used for a commercial or some shit.

  2. Komrade
    yes, we have done videos for DFE and Planit in the past. DFE videos are posted under youtube user/Terakoza

    Planit videos and behind the scenes is posted under youtube user/UrbanCrunkMovement


  3. Ditto to all comments. Wal Martion I thought that was you…..
    I agree with AOK one of the best vids I’ve seen lately. Really feeling it.
    Keep doing what you do. I like the dudes face dis-coloring, loosing yourself….too me anyways. Fuck have I been there.