Sep 19, 2008

Lexington + Whatevski – “Bride of Frankenstein” [video]



  1. Chris Plus

    Cool video, the Makeup effects on that cadaver are great.

  2. best fucking shit ever.

    so dope.

    so fucking dope.!!!!!!!

  3. the shit is great. good fucking job

  4. GorJus

    Effin fantastic! Almost as gross as your album cover Y’all know your Gore! I remember seein a movie cover in the video store as a kid and thinkin it was about a guy who cut out womens vaginas but was always too young to rent it. It looked like the scene at the 1 minute mark of this video.

  5. Craaaazy. Not a horror fan, but the schlock factor of some of the footage was entertaining. I won’t be surprised if YouTube pulls this because of the occasional nudity.

  6. Dvice

    me + watching this video = overflowing buckets of love

  7. craletap

    Great video.
    lots of love for this one.

  8. Manaz

    i love gore.
    i love this.


  9. Dvice

    says video is no longer available

    ive already seen it though, amazing!!!!

  10. ^^ it still works for me

  11. chaps

    Sick Video and track!

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