Jan 16, 2009

Lexington + Whatevski – “Shotgun a Beer” [video]


Exclusive UGSMAG leak of Lexington + Whatevski’s “Shotgun a Beer” video.

Lexington + Whatevski’s new album Preggers Can’t Be Choosers is dropping January 22nd. If you’re in the Toronto area, be sure to check out the release party:

Lexington & Whatevski

For more info on Lexington & Whatevski check out myspace.com/olivehour

Lexington + Whatevski, Meet Junkyard


  1. Avatar drumstick

    haha ‘moka only’

  2. Avatar Jon Dubs

    Good job boys, shits dope!

  3. Video of the year lmao.

    Dope shit boys. My fav shots in the video would have to be nova spitting up after her shotgun and Ira lee being labelled as Moka Only! lmao

    The anti-valentines day show will be ill.

  4. Avatar stinson

    fucking classic!!!

    i look like a fuckin alky that hasn’t tasted beer in years!

  5. this is awesome!!!!

    good work guys!

  6. Avatar B A G OF LEANS

    Highly entertaining.

  7. Avatar Balzac

    lol awesome

    the girl who opened the shotgun with her teeth is my new hero

  8. Avatar ceej

    haha, awesome vid!

  9. Avatar Lyric1

    Dope video
    Nice work boys

  10. Kutdown has obviously been doing that shit since he was 3 years old.

  11. haha, so much good stuff in there. That guy dancing at the start is hillarious.

  12. Avatar Chaps

    Dope video for sure! A lot of good memories and people in that video!

    A little sad I didn’t make the cut though. Looks like I gotta step my shot gunning game up. Maybe I lacked some real swagger.

    Anyways Nolto is a star in the making, Touch murdered it, The Blurb still rules, Kutdown is a beast, Epic is daf, Noyz killed and I am next year country!

  13. Avatar jawns be

    You guys successfully made a really dope yet gross video. Nice work!

  14. hahahahahahah!

    Nolto gets the grammy here.


    fucking wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Nicely done guys… And good to put a face to many of the names I see repeatedly…

  16. Avatar GorJus

    Haha! Dope video. Y’all shoulda got Terry or Dean from FUBAR up in that though, that woulda been icing. nonetheles good job all involved!

  17. Avatar Chaps

    Hey Shitty Bill, you are confusing Chadio with Chaps I think.

    All Good!

  18. ahah!

    i am in the video!

    didnt even catch that shot of my basement the first time!

  19. Avatar shitty bill

    I didn’t have a chadio shot? maybe on an obscure tap somewhere… sory bro. not to mention, a lot of this was filmed on some of the drunkest nights of the year.

    but word, haha, the RDS shot was sped up X2.5… just looked better that way

  20. Avatar shitty bill

    edit** I didn’t have a chadio shot. (not a question)

  21. Avatar shitty bill

    ^^^tron is actually my buddy, but it just never went down

  22. Avatar bigbear

    fuk i thought i shotgunned with weez-l hahaa didnt rember with grubs u got black out bear on that shit….. hella dope video….. imma watch it again….

  23. Avatar shitty bill

    I’m retarded, sorry chaps.

  24. Avatar slopeye

    that video is fuckin awesome. Nolto is the champ!

    Moka Only is sexy.

  25. Avatar Rhek

    You guys are retarded. But I like retards. Good shit fucktards.

  26. Avatar Nolto

    I think I had more than three attempts.
    I definitely drank a lot of your beers.
    Next time your in town, I’ll get you drunk in return. You’ll have to drink a whole bunch in a row, get angry, and then realize your a bit drunk.

    This was hyped as fuck in my mind, and it lived up to that hype. Impressive.

  27. Avatar krebs

    good shit whatevski keep it drunk and ugly

  28. Avatar DVICE

    fuckin dope video boys
    now i have to get drunk after watching it, thanks

    i also laughed hard at the moka only cameo

  29. Avatar chris plus

    This video makes me wanna go punch back a few cold ones

  30. Avatar max prime

    AWESOME video. its almost the new who’s who of Canadian prairie rap right now.

    right on. definately picking up a 12’er in honour of this vid tonight.

  31. Avatar BeGod

    Fucking awesome!


    fuckin unreal song and video

  33. Avatar Manaz

    this is awesome!
    summmer fling was dope as fuck.

    hahah @ moka only

  34. Fun watching all this footage!

    I appreciate all of the tagged names

    Dope vid

  35. Avatar chadp

    fuckin awsome

    good job fellas

  36. Avatar SLC.Cody

    OMG… This rocks.. This IS how you shotgun a beer

  37. Avatar ethik9

    still completely regret not getting in on this video but cool flick boys. lex and evski fo some sort of long expanded span of days!

  38. Avatar Too Real

    is it wrong that i got a half-chub watching epdmc spit up?

    haha, good job dudes…

  39. Avatar metawon

    Its like every party ever. With everyone. I’m there somewhere in the shadows for the shots at our studio.
    Anyways yo proper shit boys!

  40. Dope video. One of my biggest regrets in life is refusing to shotgun a beer that day. Damn day after birthday hangover. Kick ass with the new album crew.

  41. Avatar franticartillery

    That was disgusting. Awesome.

  42. Avatar MindSharp

    Great vid….you just inspired me to shotgun a beer

  43. big ups on the 118 intro … cant get enough of this video ….hey touch ….worst shotgun ever! lol

  44. Avatar Hollohan


  45. Avatar shitty bill

    hey chaps, yer in the new version buddy!

  46. Avatar Lovely

    Tight…….now I’m craving a brew.
    1 luv

  47. Avatar Plex

    The 118 intro is cool. Lots of other hurtbags in there too.

  48. Avatar Dick Face

    I liked how touch’s shoulder shot-gunned most his beer

  49. Is spam the gizzard the only one who has good taste in beer? imports LOL!!!!


  50. Avatar Balzac


    i shotgunned a beer this morning with inspiration from this video. true stories.

  51. Avatar InfoRed

    This shit is bananas! i luv it!! fukkin deadly thats all i gotta say. the girl on the hook makes the song that much better, pure dopeness!! proppas all around!

  52. hahahahah sooooooooooo siiiiccckkkk

    Lex & Whatev are champs hahaha

  53. Jan 22 & 24th Lex & Whatevski Invade Toronto

    gonna be a wild weekend boys!

  54. I love Touch as an emcee and an artist, but that was probably the weakest shotgun ever recorded on tape, he got more beer on his shirt and on the ground than in his stomach.

  55. balzac wrote:


    i shotgunned a beer this morning with inspiration from this video. true stories.

    ^^^ eat a fat one, low cash!

  56. Avatar CountTurrack

    lol, the crab ass wiggerazzi still clocking my every move.

    i should be flattered i guess?…

  57. ^ don’t be!!

    gizz the ignorant!

    it was just an observation.

  58. I just saw copies of the new album. Looks good, guys. Can’t wait to check it out on my journey home from work this evening…

  59. bahahaha, i shoved whatevski.

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