June 16, 2008

Lexington + Whatevski

Lexington + Whatevski, Meet Junkyard
Illustrations by 319 Heads

Meet Junkyard takes you into the world of a regular guy who happens to have twelve children, three ex-wives, more scars than Christ, a lengthy criminal record, and been involved in two Vietnam tours. Junkyard has never had a bank account and he doesn’t have a phone, so sometimes he stops by his best pal Nato’s house to chat with friends.

This episode, Junkyard talks with Calgary Alberta rap duo, Lexington and Whatevski. Look for their bonus free-download album Customer Appreciation Day dropping in July on Neferiu Records followed by Preggers Can’t Be Choosers, the actual album, shortly after.

14 Responses

  1. “Preggers Can’t Be Choosers”

    hahaha thats really pushin the envelope there.

    I remember that day we took JYD to the Blackdog. he was so fuckin scared and nervous, he spent most of the bus ride there trying to convince us to let him get off and find his own way home.