Mar 13, 2008

Living Legends – The Gathering


Living Legends - The GatheringNew EP featuring the entire Living Legends crew is set for release on Legendary Music, April 8th (same day as the new Grouch). Each song on this new EP features every single MC on every single track, and it is definitely the most well crafted batch since their inception. Check out the video for the first single “That Looks Good.”

Living Legends – “That Looks Good”


  1. Balzac

    not bad. i’ll check this out when it drops.

    sunspot directed the vid, pretty dope.

  2. workturkey

    I’ll never figure why the editor doesn’t take the time to match the vocals with the lip movement. always even in pro-vids. songs is aight
    video is weak
    so generic

  3. heywoodjablome??

    this is an old song

  4. heywoodjablome??

    i’m pretty sure this song was on almost famous

  5. Rewind

    it IS on almost famous..

  6. Balzac

    so is this gonna be a compilation of sorts then?

  7. doctor who?

    This song was definitely off Almost Famous, but according to this link apparently won’t be on the EP. I guess their just making up for lost time.

    Woulda been better off leaving it just a song. Videos pretty lame.

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