Apr 21, 2008

Lonesome Charlies

Filmed by 319 Heads

Edmonton, The Rev (2001)
Lonesome Charlies consisted of emcee Vizion (who went by I-Tel at the time) and a crew of bboys, one of whom also did backups and played the melodica. This footage (previously featured on UGSMAG back in 2001) is from a performance at The Rev, where they opened for Moka Only. This was when I had first met Vizion and found out he actually originated from Saskatoon.


  1. Avatar Nolto

    Needs to rap more.

  2. Avatar Rewind

    this dude has so much potential, its crazy..


    one of the b-boys was trevor aka plas aka curly. I saw him running on Jasper ave like a week ago. that guy is, by far, one of Edmonton’s dopest cats

    where is vizion now??

  4. Avatar J. Soul

    I remember seeing this crew perform at the old New City Likwid Lounge back in something like 2000. Vizion was a cool cat, I know I have that 12″ he was always hustling somewhere in here…

  5. Avatar jayoh fellonious

    way to bring the heat nato. vizion roooooooooolZZZZZ!

  6. I remember this show, shit was tight, one of the first rap shows I ever saw.

  7. Jyeah…The Lonesome Charlies, was so dope! Miss free-styling with Vizion…anybody know if he’s still rapping?

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