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April 21, 2008

Lonesome Charlies

Filmed by 319 Heads

Edmonton, The Rev (2001)
Lonesome Charlies consisted of emcee Vizion (who went by I-Tel at the time) and a crew of bboys, one of whom also did backups and played the melodica. This footage (previously featured on UGSMAG back in 2001) is from a performance at The Rev, where they opened for Moka Only. This was when I had first met Vizion and found out he actually originated from Saskatoon.

8 Responses

  1. one of the b-boys was trevor aka plas aka curly. I saw him running on Jasper ave like a week ago. that guy is, by far, one of Edmonton’s dopest cats

    where is vizion now??

  2. I remember seeing this crew perform at the old New City Likwid Lounge back in something like 2000. Vizion was a cool cat, I know I have that 12″ he was always hustling somewhere in here…