Oct 8, 2009

Mac Lethal – “Heart of a Pig” video


New Mac Lethal video for “Heart of a Pig.” Look for the Love Potion 5: Deluxe Edition in stores October 13th, 2009. Video directed by Kyle Harbaugh.



  1. Avatar greezygrey

    this sucks. mac lethal downhill.

  2. Avatar Reewynd

    this is pretty dope

  3. fuck Mac Lethal and his anti-canadian bullshit

  4. Avatar Saskatoon is magic

    mac lethal does not like canadians

  5. Avatar workturkey

    why does he not like Canadians??? why does anyone not like Canadians??

  6. He wrote this on his Facebook a few weeks ago: “Canadians: Do you understand how hard it is to get into Canada? Don’t give me shit. I want to come there bad. They won’t let ANYONE with a DUI up there to play. YOU come HERE. Bring bacon.”

  7. Avatar countturrack

    lol hardly anti canadian if that’s all it is. id be probably pissed off too if i was a foreigner trying to get into canada with so much as a parking ticket on my record.

    song is meh…

  8. haha.have women been treating you badly by any chance mac lethal?

    • Haha. Reminds me of a song I made in the 11th grade. If it were every played for a gender studies class, war would break out.

      Anyway, it’s better than “Slam that Beer” — that was ass.

  9. i couldn’t stop laughing at the flower. haha!

    this is an awesome song on mute.

  10. Avatar heywoodjablome

    he was here with slug
    that dui must have happened recently
    he got at me in june looking to come rock a show

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