Jan 22, 2011

Mac Lethal – Pale Kid Raps Faster



  1. Avatar max prime

    hahaha dope. i was just watched that pale kid rap on youtube through a phila thread

  2. Wonder why he felt the need to compete with Watsky though?

  3. check this out.. Dead By Wednesday – Deprogram..
    I think this may be faster.. Ceschi and David Ramos on vocals for this Hardcore band

    May not be your cup of tea, it isn’t mine, but as far as skill goes, this track showcases it.

  4. then we always have totally unlistenable, but the fastest in the world, Chojin from Spain

  5. Avatar Royal-T

    that’s amazing. didn’t think mac lethal could flow like that but then again i haven’t peeped him in years, maybe i should.

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