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March 26, 2012

Machina Muerte Part 1: ShowYouSuck + Alex Pathetic

Machina Muerte Part 1: ShowYouSuck + Alex Pathetic (Rapewolf)
There are rappers, there are labels, and there are groups, but there is nothing like Machina Muerte. Machina Muerte is a huge collective of rappers and producers who are on the cutting edge of music, a clan with a loyal cult following that operates more like a heavy-hitting crime syndicate than a traditional label or group. If you sit down and listen to everything ever recorded by their talented roster, you won’t find much that isn’t innovative and brimming with raw skill, but you will likely have you mind blown by the sheer creativity and energy behind it. With members all over the nation and all over the spectrum of sounds, there isn’t much this collective can’t do. They are definitely a force to keep an eye on. We’ve already interviewed Isaiah Toothtaker, one of the group’s ringleaders, so this time we had him interview some of the other members in the first of a three-part series on Machina Muerte. In this section we’re highlighting one of the earliest members, Alex Pathetic AKA Rapewolf, and the group’s newest member, ShowYouSuck. Alex Pathetic is a long-standing Machina member with one free album and one free EP to date, crammed with energetic, pumped-up raps with an over-the-top flow, and he graced UGS with his characteristically offensive style, out to prove that no one can smoke as much hash or do as many push-ups as he can. ShowYouSuck is Machina’s newest inductee, hailing from Chicago with a unique style, smooth beats, and his own brand of trillwave rapping, also with a new free album, a new free EP, and plenty of dope visuals, out to prove that he is one of the brightest up-and-coming stars in the scene. So take a look into the life of this enigmatic crew with the first installment of our Machina Muerte series, Isaiah Toothtaker interviewing Alex Pathetic and ShowYouSuck.

Introduce yourself, location & affiliates

SYS: ShowYouSuck from Chicago reppin’ Machina Muerte, MurderClub, TreatedCrew, LOD, RumRunners.

AP: Kayare Eswon (Alex Pathetic/Rapewolf), LA, Machina Muerte.

What got you interested in rap?

SYS: I actually started rapping because it was the closest thing I could do to being in a punk band at the time. Growing up on the Westside no one was in bands or listened to punk so I was kind of on my own.

AP: These Mexican fuckers.

What makes you want to rap?

SYS: Just the fact that I’m awesome at it keeps me going.

AP: I don’t wanna rap.

What makes you hungry?

SYS: It’s literally the only thing I see myself doing for the next 100 years so I have to stay hungry. This shit is actually fun!

AP: Doing pushups.

Do your parents & family know you rap or is it a dark secret you hide in shame?

SYS: They know I do it, but sense they always got some negative shit to say about hip hop I don’t bother them with the details of all the rad shit I got going on. I rather include people who respect the culture.

AP: My parents think I’m a fucker.

What’s the name of your current project & can you give a perfect description of it?

SYS: My newest album is OneManPizzaParty2: Mo Slices Mo Problems. It’s a combination of trap music, social commentaries, and anthems of brotherhood and awesomeness!

AP: I think it’s “gargoloids or mongoyles?”, it’s me and Serpdot, rapping and making beats, trappin’ ass shit, but not like these other f—, they fucking suck, and are f—, but us, we are the best, it’s true, anyone who disagrees is getting put in a figure four leg lock plain and simple, fuck that shit.

Who was involved with this current project, producers, features & etc.?

SYS: MikeJaxx of tha Hydrox produced a bulk of the project with additional production from Flosstradamus and Floyd A Davis IV. With features from Auggie the 9th, Grade A Plus and Floyd A Davis IV.

AP: Uhh so far it’s me, Serp, Caddy, and Stizo, we want Isaiah on it too but he hates us, I wish Reh Dogg was on it, I wish I was Reh Dogg, I wouldn’t be answering these stupid questions right now, I’d be in the forest being Reh Dogg.

What’s different about this project from your past works?

SYS: This is the first project where I actually found my sound and the records have a huge sound to them, it’s a well flowing project I’m learning how to make an album an experience.

AP: My past work totally sucks balls, this new shit does not totally balls, we win so many groscars erryday from it.

How did you get linked up with Machina, what brought you to it?

SYS: I want to say it was largely due to the Hood Internet putting me on a track with Toothtaker. Me being a huge fan of his before that collab got me really excited about it and we developed a relationship from that I took notice to Machina and felt it was something I would fit into and seeing that my MurderClub/Treated brother Hollywood Holt was already in I wanted to become part of family as well. I support everything MM13 is about, I’m honored to be a part of this brotherhood.

AP: I’ve always been Machina.

Describe Machina Muerte and your role as a crew member?

SYS: I see it as a collective/brotherhood a support system for likeminded artist across the nation. I consider my role as one that will only help strengthen the integrity that’s already there. I am the facilitator of the TRILLNESS.

AP: Machina Muerte is the hardest shit ever, and my role is to watch cartoons, karate chop clavicles and shit, tough shit like that, do pushups, eat foods and stuff, real n—- shit.

Now that you’re a member, if you could choose anyone else in the universe to join Machina who would it be and why?

SYS: Real shit, I’d put my grandfather in. He is the most TRILL motherfucker of all time.

AP: I’d put Andy Kaufman in Machina, cause then I’d get to hang out with Andy Kaufman, beat bitches up and shit, you know? Well I mean I’d bring him back to life first, obviously.

What’s your dream music collaboration?

SYS: Andre 3000.

AP: Do a song with Project Pat Taaaaah, or Buckethead, but the song with bucket would prolly be all weird and suck balls as where the song with pat would fucking rule.

What’s your worst or shittiest experience with rap or rappers?

SYS: Bitter rappin’ ass rappers who talk sideways on people who destroy stages! Learn how to not bore the fuck out of people with those rappin’ ass raps!

AP: My shittiest experience with rappers is being near them when they cipher, fuck out my face with that shit.

Favorite rap related movie, why?

SYS: Backstage. It was my first look at tour life, and I can’t wait to live that shit.

AP: Master P’s “I got the hookup” cause it’s the fucking best are you kidding me?

Who’s your favorite actor slash rapper?

SYS: Lil Flip.

AP: Master P.

Who’s the ugliest female rapper and why?

SYS: Ceddy Bu the rap sumo, he got titties so that makes him a girl and he ugly as hell.

AP: Bahamadia because she look like that jungle dude.

Name two rappers and the animals they look like?

SYS: E40 looks like a walrus and Drake looks like a fucking sloth.

AP: Mike Jones look like a Donatello and the other fat n—- in De La look like Kung Fu panda.

Out of all the dead rappers which one made the worst music?

SYS: Can’t say I’m a Mac Dre fan.

AP: Is Freaky Tah a rapper? Prolly not huh? Uhh guru? Yeah guru.

Which rapper has the longest musical future?

SYS: ME, I’m TRILL as fuck.

AP: Flocka.

What will we see in the future from you?

SYS: More awesomeness and Trillness.

AP: In the future you will see me punching, in my space boots, at the faces of space aliens, or space Mexicans, or whatever they’re called now-a-days.

Any last thoughts or shout outs?

SYS: Shout to Machina Muerte, MurderClub, TreatedCrew, LOD, RumRunners. Homies Help Homies.

AP: Shout out to the Aryan nation, I see you n—–! Oh and I think Mindthoughts.


8 Responses

  1. “I actually started rapping because it was the closest thing I could do to being in a punk band at the time.”

    What does this mean?

    1. “It means what he said.”

      Then it means nothing.
      That’s like saying playing guitar solos is the closest thing I could do to freestyle rapping at ICE T’s house.

  2. He probably means the aesthetic/mindset of punk though, not the act of copulating with stringed instruments.

  3. Half of Machina Muerte seems to be dope serious rappers and the other half seems like a joke. Im feeling this ShowYouSuck dude, big Kap Kallous fan, I even fuck with a bit of Toothtaker.

    Definately the oddities of the rap world.

  4. The other half a joke? It’s not a rap crew. Eg. D styles,Mr Dibbs,Hollywood Holt,Zackey Force Funk,Crime,Awkward,AWOL One,Meztizo…..def not ‘joke rap’