March 28, 2010

Magnum K.I. – “No Way” video

First video from the self-titled debut LP by Magnum K.I. (Ismaila, Kutdown, Rob Crooks). Album out now on Foultone!

12 Responses

  1. ill video.
    dope song.
    dope to see the dj get some shine in a video, and its really hard not to make it look cheezy.

  2. Yah this shit is real ill, I don’t get why there was no Rob Crooks on this though…is he making the beats or something?

  3. Rob’s a part of the group, he’s either rapping, writing, or doing backing vocals…

    i’ve gotta check the vid

  4. fuck i miss pegcity. this shit is ill as fuck which is expected considering who’s involved.