Nov 3, 2008

Max Prime – Sufferance [album download]


Max Prime - Sufferance [album download]

Max Prime’s new self produced album is now up for free download! Check Max’s site for lyrics and notes.

Download here:

1) Golem Flute
2) No Control
3) Burning Garbage feat. Addvice
4) Sapphire Island feat. Addvice
5) Premonition feat. Addvice
6) Beach of Broken Bottles
7) Fragments
8) Expressive Still
9) a Silent Thought
10) No Hope for the Jaded

Max Prime – Origami Cranes: Sufferance [mp3]
Low Budget Affiliates [interview]
Max Prime [interview]


  1. Max is fuckin prolific.

  2. Avatar shitty bill

    self produced? whoa, can’t wait

  3. god damn max how many projects you got on the go? haha you’re a madman. can’t wait to peep this.

  4. Avatar ceej

    This is really dope!

  5. Avatar plzzzannniitt

    so ill

  6. max this shit is so ill. i been bumpin it in my ipod and you’re a psycho with it. “panic panic panic, i’m an addict addict addict addict” your delivery’s too dope these days.

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