October 4, 2012

MC Eleven & Ormo – “Univision”

Raps by Eleven. Produced by Ormo. Reservoir Sound/LAPS Records.

turn it on, tune it in, dropping out to television
program’s there to program you there is no true decision
cause every channel is Univision
it’s their remote control on what you choose to view & listen
listen, i’m not a activist i just want to tax the rich
cause half of this is greed & we don’t need these savages
that chauvinist extreme & we don’t need these nationalists
typical hypocritical biblical candidates
it’s fucking ventriloquists they’re feeding you lies
you’re not reading between the lines or checking for asterisks
the massive distraction to keep their actions in action
& backing transactions; that’s paper or plastic?
& it’s all digital now we’re all criminals
we’re all prison-folk really we’re all miserable
& all efforts are for making the most capital
& stop thinkers from making the most radical
it goes; black king, white king, still a game of chess
left wing, right wring, still a game of chess
stay in a recession while they lie that we’ll progress
& they’re staging the election so it’s quiet on the set now
lights, camera, action; world war trilogy
first world, second world, third world killing spree
one world government, one world covered in blood
coming soon to a theater near you
& that’s the blackest earth massacre crash & burn rapture
drunken conductor & the passenger lacks insurance
killing the innocent women witnessing scrimmages
villages pillaged it’s still an indigen pilgrimage
delinquent militant villains skilled with kill intent
the mission is infinite the kills indiscriminate
it’s wars over wars til it’s wars over frozen food
but there was no warning you