December 10, 2009

MC Homeless – Still Trapped

MC Homeless - Still Trapped

New from MC Homeless, a collection of low-fi, unreleased, compilation tracks spanning from 2005-2009. Featuring K-the-I???, Riddlore, Maki, Geneva B, Zoen, Nomar Slevik and more.


1. Two Times Zero Still Equals Zero (produced by K-The-I???) 2005
2. Slow The Pulse w/Geneva B and Davka (produced by Chrismick and David Doughnut) 2005
3.Toadstool (produced by Guidebook) 2006
4.Frozen w/Allen and Richardbenjamin 2007
5.Lifting Of The Veil (produced by Maki) 2007
6.The Opposite of Happy w/Poor Ugly Swordplay (produced by Pierre The Motionless) 2007
7.Upload The Link w/Mic Ra (Produced by Nomar Slevik) 2008
8.Window Chopper w/Poor Ugly Isaac 2009
9.Fuck les Flics w/Poor Ugly Isaac, Zoen, and Riddlore? (produced by Riddlore?) 2009

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