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September 25, 2008

MF Grimm Talks Comics With GZA

MF Grimm Talks Comics With GZA
MF Grimm has a new weekly comic column on the Complex Blog.

2 Responses

  1. hahaha. I cant believe he’s doing a blog like this. “Old Man Logan.” looks like its gonna be awesome

    “It’s New York Comic Con, it’s New York Comic Con! Yes, today is the first day for fanboys, virgins, and all manner of furries to descend upon Manhattan’s Javits Center for a long weekend of pen-and-ink revelry. We have our own spies stationed there all weekend attending panels and collecting intel, but for now, enjoy the official NYCC blog’s picture of the very first desperate and/or misanthropic fans lined up waiting to sweaty-palmedly bumrush their favorite creators (above). Our personal favorite is the black warlock with the conk. That shit is hot in the shire, son! After the jump, peep some superhero ha with NYCC’s official promo videos. “This is a PUMPKIN BOMB, man. I will END YOU.” LOLGoblin!”

    LOL. major props Grimm