Oct 16, 2008

Mike Relm – “Everytime” ft. Del The Funky Homosapien and Adrian Hartley [video]



  1. Nolto

    There are two other versions of this song (sans Del). One with Adeem, and the other with Mr. Lif. I think that Del’s version is the weakest of the three.
    But the song is really good anyway.

  2. sadr

    i like the video a lot. song is good too

  3. Jar3tt

    bad ass vid

  4. max prime

    that video is awesome. wasnt expecting that shit to happen.

  5. redef

    yeah never expected tha twist at the end. crazzzy beat, hella dope video. reminds me of cry me a river video…i think its better though.

  6. Rickrooster

    Del has the word ‘homo’ in his stage name.

  7. Slotter

    dope dope video… haha “homo”

  8. ryguy

    wow, that was a sick video.

  9. super dope all round.

  10. chaps

    That was really dope!

  11. that milk she put in her coffee was sitting out on the counter all night..!

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