Mar 11, 2008

Mindbender – “Blame Canada” [video]



  1. ceej

    Did he bumrush the stage at a KRS-1 show?

  2. plusthemic

    That track is dope. All the new Mindbender stuff I have heard recently is wicked.

  3. jayoh fellonious

    No. Well, sort of, but not really. KRS One went on unexpectedly early, so the only spot left for Mindbender was at the end. Still killed it though.

  4. workturkey

    mindbender is a genious
    we needd a new sbu album

  5. jayoh fellonious

    I should clarify, Mindbender was scheduled to open for KRS One…but ended up closing for him instead. It was shitty, but who cares. This was a significantly mediated performance by one of Canada’s finest.

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