Jan 28, 2011

Mindbender Supreme – “Reset Button” video



  1. max prime

    thats the sickest mindbender vid i’ve seen

  2. j.blando

    yo, it’s looking good man!

  3. Plex

    Me likey the video. Me hatey the animal captcha.

    • Just click the “Login” link at the top of the screen, captcha stuff is only for the unregistered users. reCAPTCHA has been cracked, so using this animal shit in the meantime to stop the spam-bot onslaught we’ve been experiencing.

  4. this is nice. good job bender

  5. yeah i find mindbender kind of obnoxious online for some reason, but i think this song is pretty great.

  6. Nice. I agree that this might be the best video I’ve seen from Mindbender yet.

  7. Conspiracy

    I shoulda won at the game we were playing. In real life, I have never been beat at any videogame, ever .(ha ha, NO)
    It’s good that people like this video. The release party show was hype as fuck!
    I did a freestyle that was miraculous when they let me fill in some time on stage between sets.

    Canadian hip hop continues to be creative…..

  8. JonDubs

    That was pretty dope. Excellent vid.

  9. metawon

    Video game rap + braggadocio rap yes.
    Mega yes to mindebender and rich kidd?!? How did I sleep on that?

  10. deejay emoh betta

    incredible homie! why didnt we play nes in toronto??

  11. thanks a million, max! so much more to do!
    sole, thanks for your honesty. you know how i really am.
    and conspiracy, nobody wins them all, LOL! take your loss like a champion.
    peace love and respect to Noyz and UGSMAG for the support
    sincerely yours,
    Mindbender Supreme

  12. This is dope all around! 2011 is YOTMB!!!!

  13. Epic

    Mindbender loves you

  14. this is ill man…good job!

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