Feb 23, 2009

Modulok – Cities and Years


Modulok - Cities and Years

Produced by Leon Murphy with Uncle Fester on the cuts, Modolok’s new album Cities and Years drops today on his new label Takaba Records.

[audio: https://ugsmag.com/media/Modulok-A_Certain_Time_of_the_Day.mp3]

“I don’t know what to say except I’ve never been so happy with a record I’ve made as this one. To most people it will seem like something ‘new’ or a ‘change’ for me but in fact its the record I’ve been wanting to make since the summer of 1998. Its produced entirely by the one and only Leon Murphy. My boy, turntabalist extrordinaire Uncle Fester has his dirty cuts all over it. There are a few guest spots from Apollo Creed and Abyss. The title is a reference to the novel by Fedin Konstantin.” — Modulok

1. Cool and Deadly ft. Apollo Creed
2. Your Boyfriends’ a Cokehead
3. Ink Spots [watch video]
4. A Certain Time of the Day
5. Timewalker
6. Miserable Existentialist
7. All the Girls
8. Keep Moving ft. Apollo Creed and Abyss



  1. Sick!!!!!!!!

    Mod and noa killed in in montreal!

    This album is amazing!

    grab that shit!

  2. Ira that was awesome to see you! Hopefully we can chat it up more next time. But yeah MODULOK all day!!!!!!!

  3. This is one off the best albums of the year … Can’t stop playing it …

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