Feb 1, 2009

Modulok – “Ink Spots” [video]


The official video for “Ink Spots” from the new Modulok album Cities and Years produced by Leon Murphy. Directed by Ivan Egorov, shot in St. Petersburg, Russia.


  1. Avatar jawns be

    dope shit Moe!

  2. Avatar BeGod

    Seriously dope!

  3. Avatar max prime

    amazing. I’ve listening to this all day.

  4. Avatar Fatmike

    This was really, really dope. Amazing track and video to match. Moe you’re a gangsta.

  5. Turned out real nice. BRRRRAAAPPP!

  6. Avatar Lovely

    don’t want blame……This beat is ill.
    1 luv

  7. Avatar Modulok

    Thank you to everybody for the the positive feedback, it is sincerely appreciated.

  8. Wicked man, don’t know how I missed this. Lookin’ forward to the new album.

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