Apr 14, 2008

Modulok (Red Ants)


Video feature with Modulok via satellite from Toronto as he discusses his group Red Ants, their new album Omega Point and his new documentary project. More info here.


  1. ceej

    Dope. Crazy video! Is the anchorman Jon B?


    Jon B!! You a foo for that one!!

    illest shit I’ve seen on this site


    so fucking dope man, I gotta post twice…

  4. max prime

    this is awesome, extra word up jon b

  5. plusthemic

    damn jon you could have been an extra in that apollo 13 movie with those chops.

  6. Wicked…

    Great concept for doing an interview, Jon…

    And a great person to interview. Modulok needs more exposure!

  7. hahahah, that was top choice for sure.

  8. dorc

    Holy crap this is amazing!

  9. Countturrack

    ill video/interview. mad creative…

  10. thepuppet

    word modulok – jon-b holy shit – wicked video footage! howd you get mod alone? hes always got some bodyguards, pr or some shit crowdin him…props on that

  11. jayoh fellonious

    Modulok is the homie, I just bribed him with rum. Thanks for the love errbody. I wasn’t sure how this was going to pan out, but the response is great!

  12. hipster douchebags

    buy that Red Ants shit digital or otherwise you hipster douchebags

  13. Pearl

    HA! Well done.

    Jon B., you’re a racialist.

  14. justinoakey

    this thing is spread out alllll over the internet.

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