December 9, 2007

Moka Only – Martian Christmas 2007

Moka Only - Martian Christmas 2007Moka Only’s annual Christmas album “Martian Xmas” gets a digital release this year. The album features 21 hip hop flavored songs for the holidays. Available now through the Amazon MP3 shop, iTunes, and emusic. More info here.

12 Responses

  1. I think that Moka Only has been trippin since he was or wasn’t a member of Swollen Member. I think it is safe bet that Mr. Moka Only will never be a platinum rapper and the best that he can hope for is an interview on the HOUr with Stroumbo. You are this and that. When he came through Edmonton for a show a few years ago they had to give him a chair because he was tried. I guess that’s what happens when you claim to be white and black. Hood Star. Singer. I think that when he comes to Edmonton for the Hip Hop for Hunger he will eat all the food because his mom who is likely his tour manger will tell him to eat because looks like he is going to fall through his own ass crack. You have to give him that he is dope on a few tracks but, dude is too diverse. People want to hear that gangsta shit. Not the shit that my dad is rich and that Van city is hood. He is dope on one of the Neoteric Mixtapes. Get back with The Swollen Members and rep Canada as an act that could be dope as hell but, seperate they are marginal to su-par.

    Merry Christmas Moka or Mr. Only

    Look out for I RUN THE INDUSTRY in summer 08
    Ghost Dog- Respect my Gangsta

  2. Too Diverse? That’s the stupidest thing i read all year. For some reason it sounds like you are sad Moka isn’t a Platinum superstar. Moka + SM = Boring teeny bopper friendly crap. His solo stuff has always been a thousand times more interesting. Your the only Moka fan i’ve ever heard of who thought the teaming with SM was the high point of his career, to me and i’m sure most others that was an obvious low.

  3. I guess I should clarify. He just does this shit to make more money. People that are just being orginal to say that they are different. I am really impressed that he can even read or speak. He is the definition of a pysch case. Mabye he should stop by Alberta Hospital when he comes through Edmonton for the hip-hop for Hunger. Here’s how it would go:

    doctor Alberta Hospital ” My name is doctor. Who are you?”

    Moka Only ” Doctor, My name is Mr. Moka Only. In the felsh. Do you want my autograph. Everyone does.”

    doctor: ” No, not that. What is your birth name? Along the likes of Jim or Stu.”

    Moka only ” I see what you are sayin. I am Mr.Moka Only. Straight out of Van city. You feel me Doc. One.”

    Doctor” Well honestly, Mr. Moka Only we are going to be keeping you here under a forum one for a thirty day evaluation. Honestly you are right out of you head. I have heard of Moka Only but, you are not him. He knows his own name.”

    Moka Only ” The ladies love Mr. Moka Only. Ain’t no thing. Just to let you know my boy R>kelly will be stoping by.”

  4. I don’t agree with a single word that Ghost Dog said… He’s not going platinum, but he’s making diverse music in order to make money? Doesn’t make sense. Going platinum would be the easier way to make money. Being diverse limits interest in each album. Still, he has done the attempts at platinum success with Swollen Members albums and his own The Desired Effect. But that’s not where he belongs or feels comfortable. I’d agree that he didn’t sound right with Swollen, although I think he sounded better on their beats than they did… Still, I love the diversity of Moka… It’s nice to see an artist interesting in exploring the wide open expanse of music… Vermilion was his best in a long time… I may have to check out Martian X-Mas.

    The one person in the world that feels Moka and Swollen belong together, and that person happens to post on UGSmag… Damn, what are the odds?

  5. I guess I should clarify. He just does this shit to make more money

    i should clarify, YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

  6. no doubt…when moke teamed up with swollen it was the lowest point of either careers more or less in my opinion.

  7. I don’t understand what bugs you about Moka… the fact that he’s making money from music? The fact that he’s diverse? Or maybe because he left Swollen Members for the second time? What?

    I mean, dude is able to make music and live off it… He’s always been prolific and diverse. He’s always put out numerous albums a year, with the exception of his time locked in with Swollen Members. Sure, with some of his earlier products I thought he had filler in there, but I understand the necessity of making more music in order to have more releases to sell so as to hedge your bets on making money in this shitty business of music… Nothing wrong with that, especially in this musical climate. And as long as his music is good and appeals to his fans, that’s all that matters.

  8. i lvoe the fact that moka has that diversity
    he makes music HE wants to hear, he doesnt want to be shaped or formed into some platinum fake shit he isnt.
    Him with Swollen wasn’t him, even Desired Effect (tho its a pretty decent album), he wasn’t very proud of it because there isnt that creative control he was lookign for.

    Moka Only for the win.

    I can’t wait to hear this.
    The first martian xmas was solid. hands down one of my favorites by him.

  9. Moka Only has made a lot of good music over the years! More so in the past in my opinion but there is always a track I like from him on every project!

  10. “looks like he is going to fall through his own ass crack.”

    Okay, all due respect to Moka Only, but THAT is the funniest thing I’ve ever read.