October 14, 2008

Moka Only – “Starfish”

Video from the album Carrots and Eggs, dropping October 28 on Urbnet Records.

8 Responses

  1. no way man dude never disappoints

    every album has about 3 songs i put into the continual moka playlist but all his shit is dope to listen to fer the first couple weeks u get em

    top 5 ever

  2. well, on first listen to clap trap, and granted i wasnt really paying full attention, i felt it was a bit of a wash oever.

    but, now, that i play it in randomly with other tunes, clap trap has the tunes i continually pay attention to.

    i assume ron con will be the same with time, but i havent had the chance to listen too much yet.

    im gonna buy this the day it comes out, granted its in hmv that day.

  3. i agree, every moka album has a couple tunes that stay with me for life, and the rest of the tracks are ok to listen to once in a while