Nov 25, 2008

Moka Only – “The Door” [video]


Video for Moka Only’s “The Door”, from the album Carrots and Eggs available on Urbnet (CD and Digital). Video Written & Directed Produced by Abdallah Taher for Speakerfly Productions.



  1. 00000

    rap zappa? hahaha

  2. ethik9

    haha rap zappa, that shits good. looks like just like him ha. ima steal it for one of my many alias’.

  3. with that moustache he could pass as Weird Al

  4. I wonder what CD he snaps in half

  5. max prime

    track is dope! even though moke makes way too many vids, this vid is pretty funny at times.

  6. Balzac

    this is so much better than starfish

  7. staas

    i wish more rappers liked zappa and fishbone

  8. ^^^^^^^^i don’t know many that don’t

  9. rufus

    “^^^^^^^^i don’t know many that don’t”


  10. Minimalist goodness. Got some chuckles outta this.

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