February 17, 2016

Moodie Black – “Landgun” feat. Ceschi

New Moodie Black song featuring Ceschi, recorded a couple of years ago.


stressed WITH THE SWAGGER off
matching black necklace on my dress
wear my flesh is soft
LA Bloodied era fanny pack buried while the cult came never
and the sleep raped heavy Im on crosses
probably cause you left me out to be a bitch and van owens crowded for the god tryna benefit nobody else
other than the glitches of the forceful texts and crow bleeding friendships that i faked for my embarrassments
I’m fanging up powered by the black i could fuck you up
theres something bout the darkness of my tribe bleeds to pick me up/
leaving aint a thing I suck with names and barely changed a lane aside from coming out I’m still without you knowing anything
Im peaking out, blacking in appearance cleared my house without doubt that I would scratch above the loud hide its paramount
I am of the first the hawking evil shit before the real before the steal or yeezus and I’m about to keep the black surreal

like theres no fucking vulture that believes it
I’m disconnecting Skype with family types so they can reach me
while I cleared my house slanging on a truck for months with out a fuck no cuddle up a bloated shedding mess like she was in the cut.
Blacked out………
everything that happens out my control I’m barely fucking dancing staying humble as I’m getting