Mar 24, 2017

Moodie Black – “Tuesday”


New video for a great single from Moodie Black’s upcoming album, Lucas Acid.

Catch MB on tour this June:

6/1 -Wichita KS – Kirbys
6/2 – Colorado Springs, CO – Black Sheep
6/3 – Denver, CO – Lions Lair
6/4 – Las Cruces, NM – Art Obscura
6/5 – El Paso, TX – Monarch
6/6 – Austin, TX – Dozen Street
6/7 – San Antonio, TX – The Mix
6/9 – Cedar Falls IA – Octopus
6/10 – Chicago, IL – Underground Lounge
6/11 – Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews


way off flesh with my face….
sawed off lace in my wake….
paris in a fire in my bathroom
sad in my black in my costume..
driving in a circle on a day off
staring at a wall with the sun on
dreaming in a mouthful of past.

Tearing Up MY GODS

I don’t like this house.
I don’t like this town.
I don’t like this job.
i would rather give my power to the flowers
by the promise of a bullet to the….
let down shamans by the fangs
touched by the spirits for my dress
left out of war
wanna fucking run but im torn what i love what I need
I want more.
Whatever the pain from your eyes
I aint what there is I’m a product of the sky/////
Buried in the prairies its apparent I willl die
probably with appearance of the body i defied/////
Every day is hard. some days are harder heart stops often
no insurance so I’m off it…
pattern of the black fucked out

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