March 14, 2016

Mr. Lif – “World Renown” feat. Del The Funky Homosapien

New track from Mr. Lif’s upcoming Don’t Look Down album, out April 15, 2016.

Produced by Pas Doo.

Lif Verse One

Rhyme flurry
Just enough to form snow flurry
Storm wording
The verse got clouds swirling

Ground surging
My army of troops
You look minute
While yall drop bombs
We drop loops

With the verbalized combat
Devastate em
Yo Del,
I can’t resuscitate em

DEL Verse 1.2

But remember we still have mouth to mouth
Some lost their brain
Fetch and get it now
Connected through time, we’re here to master matter
Pigs use their party to try to capture data
wisdom is wizardry with lyrics
Defeat the fictional
It’s minimal
A figment
Of imagination
We see their status through the eyes of a raven
I’m the master blaster
My membership the switch
They’re rudely dismissed by my crew of terrorists

Lif Verse 1.3

There are just two options for rockin’
Y’all stop talking
2 is Lif hop out of coffin
We flee the scene
With leafy green
My hands will go intangible
we can’t be seen
My mummy man plan span Egypt
I’m part Egret
With no regrets
Skies are my secrets
It’s an eclipse we kept in crypts
For when we become Charybdis to sink ships

Chorus Cuts by Mr. Sonny James

You’re hearing this and now you feel the sound
Love the sound
Spread it make it world renown

DEL Verse Two

Del- I think risk is just part of the deal
Whenever I spark the real
Particles build
Field Goal
Fuck my age
I don’t feel old
I don’t feel their flow

Lif – They don’t have the will to grow

Del – I just chill and roll with the fist-a-cuffs
Lifting up the bar that they’re all taking pictures of
Define and specialize in rhymes that are spit
Gauck at it like a shiny whip you’re dying to get
Private estate flows of mine hard to debate
Go far as to blame
But charge it to the game

LIF Verse 2.2

Your card denied
Pardon as we part the sky

The great beyond…
Cruise it like the autobahn

The shit that Del and Lif be on

You flipped it wrong…?
It’s tragic
You could just be bombed

Del – Pass the coordinates

Lif – Teleport

Del- Slaughter shit

Lif – Physically orbited

Lif & Del – Damage exorbitant!

Lif – We morphing men into pygmies
We crush cities
Then rebuild em

Del – Through eyes of the children

Lif – Welcome to this plane named imagination
Where everything you see is for the first time

Del – Fascination

Lif – True amazement
The new engagement
surreal is
the realest
We’re peeling your flesh back to feel this

We’re designed with an iron mind
You see the raw
Then leave in awe
Part men part meteor


You’re hearing this and now you feel the sound
Love the sound
Spread it make it world renown