September 17, 2007

MTV gives Aesop Rock a cable access show

Aesop RockMTV gave Aesop Rock last weeks “Artist of the Week” honors and set him and tour buddies Rob Sonic, Blockhead and DJ Big Wiz up with their own cable access show “I’m Trying To Help” which includes live rap performances, love advice, knife throwing and a trained monkey. They even set up a viewer call-in number 1 866 451 6296 – so you may leave all your questions for Aes personally, after the appropriate hold time. Check the episodes here.

**EDIT** Now with YouTube videos in case MTV is trying to fuck with you:

Pt. 1: I’m Trying To Help

Pt. 2: Touch My Mon-Key

Pt. 3: Aesop Rock – “None Shall Pass (Live)

Pt. 4: A Little Something Called Love

Pt. 5: A Personal Endeavor

Pt. 6: Aesop Rock – “Coffee (Live)”

Pt. 7: Aesop Rock – “39 Thieves (Live)”

Pt. 8: Interview: When people connect with the music

Pt. 9: Aesop Rock on what makes them feel out of their element

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