Dec 10, 2008

Myka 9 – 1969


Myka 9 - 1969

Myka 9’s new album 1969, produced by Factor, will be released January 16th (Myka 9’s 40th birthday) on Fake Four Inc.. The album features Awol One, Aceyalone, Busdriver and more!

01. Real Song
02. Inner Knowing
03. Soul Beat
04. Snake Bite
05. To The Sky
06. Options Feat. Aceyalone
07. Cadillac Nights
08. Chopper Feat. Busdriver
09. Elevated
10. Liberty
11. Hand Bone
12. Monte Carl
13. Good Old Smokey (My Kanine)
14. 91 Octane Feat. Awol One & Gel Roc
15. 1969

To preview tracks, check out

Also, look for Myka 9 on tour with Sole, Ceschi, and Factor in the U.S. during January and March. More tour details to be relased in the coming weeks.

1969 Tour


  1. this album is insane.

    good look on def bein on tour!

    props to factor and the sideroad

  2. I’ll check it out, always been a myka 9 / fellowship fan.


  3. Avatar Rewind

    Fuck yeah this album is really really good.
    Little 60’s factor on the front is hilarious..
    artwork is fresh too….big ups!

  4. Avatar IchabodChron

    Fuck yeah, coming to Albuquerque. Will be there with the homies!! Dope tracks, can’t wait for it to drop.

  5. Avatar joe dub

    hasn’t left my cd player since i got it!!!! in my top 2 for albums of the year! top 10 of the decade! cadillac nights is brilliant!

  6. Avatar ethik9

    album has had mad hype around it ever since factor g dropped the knowledge on me. word.
    where in the hell is this tour going?

  7. Avatar Rewind

    bring Sole to Saskatoon..!!

    Ethik, this tour is in the US..Myka cant get into Canada….unless something has changed?

  8. fuck yeah big ups to factor, can’t wait for this one.

  9. Avatar ceej

    This album looks like it’ll be awesome… that busdriver song is ill as fuck! I really hope the tour comes to Seattle! Not really feeling the cover art, but i do like how the 6 and 9 touch dinks.

  10. Avatar joe dub

    factor is apparantly a huge bollywood star!

  11. Avatar ethik9

    thank you rewind. i knew it was in the u.s. but if it hits montana. i got fam there ha. you can drive. word.
    plus.. 60’s factor makes the album cover haha

  12. and he planed to tour in Europe with Ceschi at the the end of April !!

  13. Avatar Mike Brown, Yo!

    If this tour goes to Miineapolis or Seattle, I’ll probably make the trip out. I’m dumb like that. Stoked on this.

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