Apr 22, 2010

Necro – “asBESTos”



  1. Hahaha this shit goes in. Necro is the shit, love this track.

  2. max prime

    hahaha, this is awesome. necro is on top of his lyrical game

  3. Would be better as an instrumental…

  4. Sweet, maybe Necro’s gonna make a little comeback. He kinda stretched himself a little thin there for awhile.

    Some hilarious shit going on in this track.

  5. Balzac

    this is good.

  6. gdgdgd

    I like the Swollen Members beat better

  7. Did he say something about killing Kid Twist?

  8. Hugh Morris

    Sofa King, Re-Tard-Ed

  9. this track is dope!

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